Gallery Door Inc. (refer as GDI in this agreement) warrants all exterior/interior wood doors which manufactured by GDI sold under this warranty for 18month from the date of shipment, and at the time of shipment, to be of good material and workmanship and to be free of defects which would render said doors unserviceable or unfit for their ordinary, recommended use.

All doors from/manufacture other than GDI will be excluded from this warranty and only entitled to its suppliers’ own warranty.

This warranty is subject to the following terms and conditions.

1.) Proper moisture content checks to ensure the moisture content of 10-12% is suitable for the building or area.
2.) Must inspect each door when you receive before the door is hung or treated in any manner. If any defect found in any door, must notify GDI and describe the defect in writing within five (5) days of the date you received the doors.
3.) Door and jamb must be finished on all (6) surfaces (including all edges) within fourteen (14) days of receipt.
4.) Proper painting, staining, sealing (all surfaces including edges and hardware cut-outs) & installation are required. A licenced & qualified finisher and installer is used. (See instructions below)
5.) Proper and continuously homeowner maintenance.


Before finishing, door surfaces & edges & hardware cut-outs must be clean, dry and moisture content no higher than average. All species contain open knots must have all voids filled. Remove marks or effects of exposure to moisture by sanding the product thoroughly. Beginning with 120 and working up to 180 grit sandpaper and sanding with the grain. Clean with tack cloth before applying sealer or finish. Sand and clean again between coats.

Paint Finish: Use a good quality oil base primer, then a minimum of three brushed-on or five sprayed-on coats of exterior oil base or latex base paint. If water base is used, an oil base primer must be applied first. All (6) surfaces & edges & hardware cut-outs of the door must be finished.

Stain Finish: First apply a clear sealer or a combination of stain and sealer. Follow with a minimum of three brushed-on or five sprayed-on coats of exterior finish (polyurethane/varnish) in gloss or semi-gloss. Do not use oil or solid based stain as the final finish. All (6) surfaces & edges & hardware cut-outs of the door must be finished.
All exteriors must have ultra violet (UV) inhibitors in the finish. After the door is finished, a unique characteristic of wood doors may reveal a slight unfinished edge. Minor touch up with stain and sealer or paint is all it needs to finish the exposed edge.


Wood doors require simple but regular maintenance and the frequency mainly depends on the environment in which they are situated. Both an extreme climate and the presence of direct sunlight will increase the frequency of maintenance; therefore, doors found in these conditions should be monitored more carefully.

Situations indicates maintenance should be performed, included but not limited:

1.) Topcoat of the finish contains hairline cracks
2.) Texture of the finish has deteriorated ( showing flaking or scaling )
3.) Color of the finish has changed
4.) The finish has become dull or chalky
5.) Regular maintenance must perform every 12 month

Warranty will be VOID if fail to comply with all the above instructions.


Warping/cracking of doors that is not covered by Warranty:

1.) 1-3/4” thick doors that are wider than 3’6” or higher than 8’0”
2.) 1-3/8” thick doors that are wider than 3’0” or higher than 7’0”
3.) Warp not exceeding ¼” in the plane of the door itself for door 3’ X 7’ or smaller, for door larger than 3’ X 7’, warp not exceeding ⅜” in the plane of the door itself. T

Matters Excluded from Warranty

1.) Hung improperly or do not swing freely
2.) Any damages or defects caused by improper installation
3.) Little or no overhang that exposed doors directly with the weather condition
4.) Direct exposure of sunlight
5.) Unsatisfied service or appearance caused by fail to comply with instruction
6.) Unsatisfied the appearance of finished doors
7.) Unsatisfied of the natural variation of color, grain or texture of the wood
8.) Slight variation in the design of wood carvings are not to be considered a defect as all carvings are carved individually by hand and by different artist
9.) Any repair of the door other than GDI to repair

This warranty voids all damage caused by others or beyond the control of GDI including but not limited to damage caused by misuse, abuse, accident, mishandling, fire, flood, earthquake, storm, tornado, or any other force majeure.

Written notice of the claim under this Warranty must be given to GDI promptly when discovered, and in any event within the above stated 18month period. GDI shall not be liable for doors repaired or replaced without its prior written consent. If a door has been installed prior to such claim being made, the door must remain hung in the original installation to avoid any potential controversial situation. Action on any claim for warp may be deferred, at the option of GDI, for a period not to exceed 3month from date of claim.
Once the warranty claim accepted, GDI will, at its option either (1) repair the door without charge, or (2) replace the door without charge, or (3) refund the price received by GDI after received the defected door. In no event shall GDI pay for the cost of labour, installation or finishing of the replacement or original door or for any other cost relating to the replacement of the door, all of which shall be the sole responsibility of the person making the warranty claim.

This warranty only applied to first purchaser at retailer of said door(s), may not be extended or enforced by any person to whom the said door(s) are transferred.

No distributor, builder or GDI representative has the authority to change or modify this limited warranty.

The acceptance of claims is at GDI’s discretion based on the result of the inspection performed by GDI’s staff.
Gallery Door Inc. reserved the right of ultimate interpretation of above terms and conditions.